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Medical Nutrition Therapy

with Shari Havourd MS, CNS, LDN

It's more than just food
it's about getting to the root cause
& improving how you feel

 holistic approach
functional lab testing
compassionate care

specializing in gi conditions, gut-brain axis, depression, anxiety, adhd, disordered eating, eating disorders, and dieting distress.  
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What I Specialize In


Chronic Conditions


 GI  conditions & gut health, depression, anxiety  Eating disorders,  ADHD,  Autoimmune, brain-fog, fatigue, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and more...

create positive relationship with food

intuitive eating

reconnect with your body

rebuild your relationship with food

relearn nutrition basics

cooking together

grocery shopping tours

Bio-Individual Nutrition Plan

 Organic acid test

ion test

microbiome test

food sensitivity 

dutch test


 conventional & functional lab Analyses

Specific Recipe Booklets for sensitivities & other conditions 

Realistic Goal Setting

We're In This Together

meet you where

you are

attainable,  intentions

being kind to yourself while making changes to lifelong habits

optimize health & wellbeing

Address Sleep, Stress and Movement


Group Packages Available

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The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Compassion. Begin Your Journey Today.


How it Works 

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Together, we put the pieces of your health puzzle together and form your highly individualized plan. 

I meet you where you are and work with compassion to improve your quality of life using evidence-based medical nutrition therapy, intuitive eating skills, mindfulness practices, and use of functional labs and selective supplements when needed.  


We work on reconnecting with the body's needs, rebuilding your relationship with food and relearning how to fuel your body & mind. 

I can also "quiet the diet" mentality and limit confusion with the overwhelming amount of "nutrition" information out there. 


Working with a qualified nutrition specialist enables clients to learn the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ and feel supported through the process. 



Neal R

Shari has a great approach which leans into intuitive eating and a 'steady as she goes' progress.  She offers coaching that ranges from the tactical to the scientific to the profound . She does all of this in a supportive, relaxed, dialogue that makes it a pleasure, even when the work involved may be uncomfortable. 


I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to make incremental and lasting changes to their eating and lifestyle practices.

I always considered myself a healthy eater so I was unsure about working with a nutritionist.  Well, I am truly happy I did. The process with Shari opened my eyes to  the knowledge that food affects more than just my stomach.


I am now a more energized and happier person. She is caring and thoughtful with just the right amount of humor and discipline peppered into the process.

Shari guided me through my rather complicated health profile with depth   of knowledge and skilled recommendations. She helped me address my diet & stress levels, and the extraneous supplements I was taking.

She showed compassion and kindness while providing the motivation for me to continue moving toward my goals. 

Gaby R

Annie D

Ash M

 I’m no stranger to nutrition or leading a healthy lifestyle but had slipped into poor eating habits and I hated cooking! Shari gave me the knowledge and support to create good habits and even how fun it can be preparing wholesome food. 

 I’m a single mom and went to see Shari to help improve our eating habits at home.  What I love is that she offered easy steps for us to put into practice, ongoing support, and creative activities

to bring my son and I closer through food!

My mom has shown me that what I eat affects my mood.  If I eat well, it helps keep my depression at bay.  It's not always easy to admit your Mom is right, but I've seen the correlation first hand!

Tasha G

Lucas M



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