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Welcome to Aetio

Medical Nutrition Therapy

with Shari Havourd MS, CNS, LDN

It's more than just food
it's about addressing root causes
and creating balanced health

 integrative approach
compassionate care
functional lab testing

specializing in adhd, anxiety, depression, dieting distress, disordered eating, eating disorders, gi conditions and gut health.  
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Our Focus & Offerings








dieting distress

disordered eating

eating disorders


GI conditions

gut health 




type 2 diabetes

and more...

HIPAA Compliant

rebuilding your relationship with food

intuitive eating


with your body

relearning nutrition basics

non-diet approach


motivational interviewing



cooking together

Bio-Individual Nutrition Plan

 Organic acid testing

ion testing

microbiome testing

food sensitivities  


DUTCH hormone testing


 conventional & functional lab Analyses

Specific Recipe Booklets for sensitivities & other conditions 

we're in this together

meeting you where

you are

Ensuring we Are kind to ourselves while making changes to lifelong habits


 attainable,  intentions

integrative, coordinated care


 health & wellbeing

Address Sleep, Stress and Movement

Mindfulness practices

healthy at every size philosophy


NoNo's Back To Basics Group & Individual program Available

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The Journey Towards Balanced Health Begins on the Path of Self Compassion. Begin Your Journey Today.

How it Works

How it Works 

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Together, we assess the pieces of your health puzzle by looking at your medical history, digestion, stress, sleep, movement and blood work.  I also listen to your goals and share ideas about where we might start.

I meet you where you are and work with compassion to improve your quality of life using evidence-based medical nutrition therapy, intuitive eating skills, mindfulness practices, and use of functional labs and selective supplements when needed.  


We work on reconnecting with your body's needs, rebuilding your relationship with food and relearning how to fuel your body & mind. 

I can also "quiet the diet" mentality and limit confusion with the overwhelming amount of "nutrition" information out there. 


Working with a qualified and licensed, nutrition specialist enables clients to learn the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ and feel supported through the process. 




Shari has a great approach which leans into intuitive eating and a 'steady as she goes' progress.  She offers coaching that ranges from the tactical to the scientific to the profound . She does all of this in a supportive, relaxed, dialogue that makes it a pleasure, even when the work involved may be uncomfortable. 


I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to make incremental and lasting changes to their eating and lifestyle practices.

I always considered myself a healthy eater so I was unsure about working with a nutritionist.  Well, I am truly happy I did. The process with Shari opened my eyes to  the knowledge that food affects more than just my stomach.


I am now a more energized and happier person. She is caring and thoughtful with just the right amount of humor and discipline peppered into the process.

Shari guided me through my rather complicated health profile with depth   of knowledge and skilled recommendations. She helped me address my diet & stress levels, and the extraneous supplements I was taking.

She showed compassion and kindness while providing the motivation for me to continue moving toward my goals. 




Working with Shari has been an amazing experience and journey.  I had been struggling for years with gut and stomach issues that left me feeling physically and mentally unwell. And, I had formed an unhealthy relationship with food.  

Shari understood and listened to me, making it so easy for me to open up to her about my behavior with food and the internal physical pain I was experiencing.

Our sessions were filled with so much valuable information that made the experience so fascinating and eye-opening.

I'm no longer in pain and my energy levels are up!  Shari helped me so much and I am so grateful I got to work with her.


Shari helped me recover from a severe ulcerative colitis flare that caused anemia, fatigue, and depression.

I was mismanaged by my GI doctors, and when I experienced the severe flare, I didn’t receive the support I needed to navigate not only the disease but the hopeless anxiety that comes with chronic illness.

Shari’s attention to detail, holistic approach, creativity, and willingness to listen was crucial to my recovery.
With her help, I am now in remission! Shari taught me to tune into my body’s signals so that I can feel confident in my ability to manage my disease. Because of her, I feel empowered to live a mindful, healthy

I saw my eating practice and relationship with food deteriorate, and my doctors were worried about me.  I had tried, but I couldn't face this without the help of an expert. 


Shari sees nutrition from a wide vantage point. Acceptance and compassion was the number one priority. We discovered more reasons for the problems I was having, and looked deep into every factor. We deconstructed the role that food has played over my entire life. I discovered more about how ADHD itself and stimulant medication was impacting me.


Teamwork was essential in coming up with accommodations when chronic illness flared or when I was stressed and busy. We worked around these things while working towards my wellbeing and my own idea of success.


For me, the therapeutic relationship and open conversations we had were a huge part in my healing and ability to work on things. It is so hard to feel safe in conversations about food and weight in the world we live in, but Shari brings the informed perspective and intention needed to cut through the shame, fatphobia, and ableism. She always had the time to get into it. On bad days or weeks, she brought me back to acceptance and the accomplishments I had already made. Her creative and compassionate thinking never wavered.
She met me where I was, and encouraged manageable progress. The structured, small goals each week gave me little wins when I completed them, and useful information on myself when I didn't. I learned strategies and tools that I can keep forever and adapt to all different areas of life.

Shari's holistic approach was key in getting me to a healthier, more relaxed place. Shari is one of those practitioners who remains eager to learn even after years of experience, and cares deep down to the center of their being.

My mom has shown me that what I eat affects my mood.  If I eat well, it helps keep my depression at bay.  It's not always easy to admit your Mom is right, but I've seen the correlation first hand!

Shari has been instrumental in my journey towards health. Her credentials as a licensed dietician nutritionist with an MS in human nutrition stand above the many nutritionists I have met with in the past, as does her knowledge and her commitment. Shari does not always begin her work by getting tests done, but because of my history of GI issues and pathogenic overgrowth, plus a deep cough, she suggested getting updated stool and blood work tests done. Beginning with an in-depth analysis to get to the root of the problem, in 4 months Shari has taken me to a place of concern with my gut to my being symptom-free. 


Her non-blame, guilt-free style has worked well with my stubborn brain that has resisted becoming more mindful of my habits in order to get to the root of my physiology. 





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